Gebr. Perzina

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SOUND, more than price or brand, is ultimately what separates a good instrument from a great one. In hundreds of side by side comparisons with other brands, Perzina continually rates the highest in their class. The reasons why are explained below. But nothing can compare to hearing one and experiencing the Perzina difference for yourself. Play one beside another brand in its class and hear for yourself why Perzina has been the choice of leading musicians and families for over 130 years!



Much like a beam of light, sound can be crystal clear, or blurred and distorted.  And as with light, sound is nothing more than waves of energy traveling through a medium. On a piano, sound energy must travel through a wooden bridge and soundboard before it reaches your ear. On all PERZINA pianos, sound travels through the most evenly constructed and manufactured spruce available - Austrian White, found only on a handful of the world’s most elite brands and a hallmark of the Perzina Sound for more than a century.


(the length of time a note will ring on for) is the easiest element of sound to measure (a simple stop watch will do) but also the most difficult to achieve.  The physics required to create a world class sustain goes well beyond craftsmanship or materials; design and ingenuity are equally or more important. Perzina’s super-stretch scale (string length) and floating soundboard, two of the most innovative design achievements in more than 100 years, are responsible for Perzina’s class-leading sustain.


Every beam of light is made up of many colors, all combining together to create an image.  Sound is much the same.  Each note that you hear on a piano is made up of several “harmonics” just as colors in a rainbow combine to make white light.  The richest and lushest sounds on earth, like a mass choir or a concert piano, are made up of balanced amounts of these harmonics.  A Perzina piano is one of the few instruments specifically engineered, through its reverse-crown soundboard, to deliver a truly breathtaking sound; fully balanced, clear and pure but never “tinny” or “muddy”.  Even a novice can hear the Perzina difference!