Gebr. Perzina

We are a company of musicians. And as such, music guides nearly every strategic decision that Perzina makes, from wood suppliers in Germany to dealer choices in North America.The quest for great sound, great response, and solid, stable build quality is powerfully driven by our personal musical connections with the pianos. At Perzina, there isn’t a boardroom standing in the way of design improvements, or accountants guiding the creative process - only passionate and skilled artists building the pianos they themselves would buy.

Like all successful global companies, one of Perzina’s principal strengths is our people. Perzina’s renound spirit for innovation grows from our incredible collection of managers, distributors, technicians, and retailers. We hail from Toronto Canada, Amsterdam Netherlands, Los Angeles California, Lenzen Germany, and Yantai China. And quality, value, and beautiful sound are the guiding principals which bring you today’s Perzina. Quite simply, these pianos are our life.